studio production services

Our open production studio specializes in content creation and consultation. We offer a-la carte production services that cover a wide variety content.


[Prices listed are not final and only represent estimates for the average request]

Work from the Studio


If you are a new business, brand or company that is interested in establishing itself, ONELVXE offers an extensive Brand Development service to help you grow. Our process will take your idea from concept to a fully developed and realized product, service or experience.

With ONELVXE as your partner, you can offload your creative process, reduce overhead, and focus on what makes your business or idea special. Click the "DEvelop" Button Below for a free quote.


Building Dreams

  • An industry standard creative process to develop business, brands or ideas from concept to reality.

  • Applicable to any product, idea or experience.

  • Unparalleled flexibility in content creation.

  • Engaging process that allows for creative control and efficient workflows.

The 10 Steps of L.V.XE. Development

  1.  Conceptual Development

  2.  Creative Direction

  3.  Brand Image

  4.  Visualization

  5.  Audio Production

  6.  Marketing

  7.  Advertising

  8.  Promotion

  9.  Events

  10.  L.V.X.E